The Supporting a Fair Environment (SAFE) program aims to improve our learning environment by promoting positive behaviors and managing concerns about learner mistreatment and unprofessional behaviors. The SAFE program is led by Dr. Jennifer Duncan and Dr. Lisa Moscoso. This initiative includes the SAFE reporting platform for concerns and positive experiences, a structured process for managing concerns, required education modules, and the SAFE committee. The SAFE system is for all learners at WUSM, including students in graduate and professional degree programs, post-doctoral fellows, and clinical residents and fellows in the WUSM/BJH/SLCH GME Consortium. The SAFE reporting system allows any individual in our medical center community (including those that witness mistreatment of others) to report, and allows for anonymous reporting with bidirectional communication through the portal. We ensure “closing the loop” with all reporters to confirm that action was taken. The process for managing concerns ensures problematic behaviors are identified, while also protecting the identity of reporters, and monitoring for false allegations. Individuals may also report positive experiences using the Accolade link. Committee leaders and members are listed below.

SAFE Co-Directors

Jennifer Duncan, MD is a Professor in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, the Director of Wellness for Graduate Medical Education (GME), and Co-Director of SAFE. Dr. Duncan advocates for improvements in the learning environment to support well-being, including efforts surrounding diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Lisa Moscoso, MD, PhD is Professor of Pediatrics and Division Chief for Pediatric Hospital Medicine. Dr. Moscoso has been working to mitigate learner mistreatment for over a decade, initially as Associate Dean for Student Affairs and now as Co-Director of SAFE. 

SAFE Committee Members (2023-2024)

Eva Aagaard
Vice Chancellor for Medical Education

Steven Ambler
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

John Burkland
Medical Student

Maritza Nieves Puray Chavez
Staff Scientist

Paola Cepeda
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs

Eve Colson
Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Dean, Program Evaluation and CQI

John Cooper*
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Anthony Dao
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Tamara Doering*
Professor of Molecular Microbiology

Jenny Duncan
Professor of Pediatrics
Director of Wellness for GME
Co-Director, SAFE Committee

Beth Elliott
Director, Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences

Nicole Erter
BJC-Executive Director, Human Resources

Jenna Gopman
Occupational Therapy Student

Katie Henderson
BJC Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Margaret Huston*
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology

Bridget Huysman*
Clinical Fellow, OB/Gyn

Kai Jones*
Clinical Trainee, Endocrinology

Marlene Kanmogne
Medical/MSTP Student

Rachel Kinsella
Staff Scientist

Olga Kipnis
Assistant Dean for Organizational Excellence

Melissa Lynch
BJC-Executive Director, Human Resources

Scott Markowitz *
Professor of Anesthesiology

Mary Clare McGregor*
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Lisa Moscoso
Professor of Pediatrics
Division Chief for Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Co-Director, SAFE Committee

Sarah Oberle
Instructor in Occupational Therapy

Seye Oduyale
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Surgery – Public Health Sciences (PHS)

Genevieve Pentecost
Chief Resident, Emergency Medicine

Jessica Pittman*
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Kyra Raines
DBBS Student

Brent Ruoff*
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Abby Spencer
Professor of Medicine and Vice Chair for Education
Director, Academy of Educators

Leanne Stewart
Director, Human Resources

Rhiannon Vargas
DBBS Student

*Trained Champions

Other Trained Champions not on Committee

Whitney Brandt
Tamara Burlis
Erin Herrera
Andrew Kates
Julia Magee

Ruben Nava
Amanda Ortmann
Sang Gune Yoo
Jennifer Yu